Have you decided to play online roulette? Surely math can help you. Thanks to the Roulette Tracker software, it is possible to analyze the roulette in real time, this tool will serve to give you a more exact orientation in your future games.

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  1. Easy to use: Our software will help you quickly understand which sectors are in trend … for example in all these games: numbers, horses, triplets, sestines, dozens, columns, odd, red and black, from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36 and all other types of games. The software will be able to analyze and show you the situation in real time.
  2. Statistics: Thanks to the statistics you will be able to analyze in roulette before you start playing with real money, so you could get an idea of the frequencies that even more important with the delays are being generated in roulette. Thanks to this analysis you would avoid losing money unnecessarily.
  3. It works in all casinos: Our roulette tracking software works in all casinos, so you can use it in the live roulette, the electronic roulette, where you prefer to play. Thanks to the keyboard, it is possible to enter the number manually and therefore can be used in all casinos.
    Roulette Tracker is supplied with an OCR, because if used on a Playtech platform with download, it is possible to import the numbers automatically.



Please note that the software “Roulette Tracker” never guarantees 100% winnings, the casinos where you can play and apply our tool are: William Hill Casino, Snai casino, Betfair Casino, Eurobet Casino,, bet365 Casino,, casino of stars, Bwin, digital game, betclic, etc.


1-Desktop or laptop computer
2-Windows 10 updated
3-Monitor equal or greater than 13 inches
4-Minimum 2 Giga RAM
5-Processor Aton (not working)



In the image you can see a table with yellow and blue numbers, if we look under the keyboard there is the word Bulls that indicates a value of 200 which indicates the number of turns played.
Every time a number comes up in roulette, we have to enter it thanks to the keyboard and it will add it all up showing the statistics. The most important statistics are the ones in yellow, because they are the new ones and thanks to these numbers you can configure your game.
Let’s take an example: Let’s suppose we want to play Neighbors from scratch, and see how it shows up here in the statistics in this case that it has a maximum delay of 8 times, according to an analysis of 200 Bulls. In this case, it is recommended to play this game when you have reached a minimum delay of 7 times. Thanks to this statistic you will avoid losing money unnecessarily. You can interpret this example for any other game as in: numbers, horses, dozens, columns, colors, etc. The statistics in this case play a very important role. It is important to note that statistics as you play are updated by themselves and therefore if the roulette changes its algorithm, you can adapt to it in an easy way to avoid losing money.

In short: Import numbers, then pay attention to the yellow numbers and you will know how roulette behaves. If you are playing in a Playtech casino, with the client installed on your desktop, you can import the numbers automatically or alternatively you can enter them using the keyboard. We have to take into account that the higher the imported number is, the more reliable the statistics are.



Summing up: import the numbers, then pay attention to the yellow numbers and you will know how roulette is behaving.



This wonderful software is able to analyze and import data while playing roulette online. There are two ways to import numbers, the first one is applicable to all casinos, simply enter the number that came out in the roulette thanks to the virtual roulette Tracker keyboard.
The second method and the automatic import of numbers, this option can be used thanks to the OCR included in the software. This program has the ability to read and import the number that is automatically closed.
Important: The automatic import only works in playtech casinos with download.
The options show all the statistics or cicli, such as the last 111 numbers.
By activating the STOP BOT box, it will stop when you reach a certain number of bulls you set.
By activating the Larger or Equal Delay you have the possibility to highlight the number or game that reaches a certain delay. This will greatly help you to locate hot numbers and games quickly and easily.


Full nuber stats


This screen shows some very important data if you are a roulette player this must be gold for you.
In this case we have selected delay 75, and as you see it shows us these numbers that have reached the metric set by us highlighted in yellow.
You can order delays, numbers or frequencies with one click.
Num: Sort numbers from 0 to 36 or the other way around
Freq: Sorts the frequencies (frequency is the number of times a given number is output).
RIT: Sort Delays by more or less or the other way around
Max: Sort the numbers that had the most delay from the most to the least
Average: Sort average delay statistics from highest to lowest or the other way around
Consecutive delays: Sort them from major to minor or the other way around

Summary: In this screen you can order the delays as you like from Major to minor or the other way around. If the delay is highlighted in yellow and because it has reached the value you set and then it is a hot number to play with. You can set and correct a setting by marking the checkbox at the top with the symbol (high or low).


tsdcs tracker

Summary: This tool allows you to control the roulette if it has balanced trends or frequencies. Thanks to this data, your chances of winning increase significantly.



On this screen we can see that the games are divided into 5 blocks.
1-The first block contains the statistics of the triplets
2-The second block contains all the statistics on sexes
3-The third block shows the statistics of the dozens
4-The fourth block indicates the statistics of the columns
5-The fifth block shows the statistics of the following games:
A- Neighbors Zero Game

B- Orphan Play
C- Third call set also 5/8 series
All of these blocks show statistics on: frequencies, delays, maximum delays, average delays and consecutive stragglers. These statistics allow you to analyze your roulette meta-game in depth – the live casino is online.
All statistics can be sorted as usual from highest to lowest or the other way around.


Roulette tracker and final

Understanding roulette statistics thanks to the ROULETTE TRACKER

In this screen we find two important blocks. The first block is to indicate all the statistics on the horses of the roulette game.
The data shown are: in yellow the frequencies to follow in the white column are shown the current delays, with the color of pink faded we can find the number that indicates the maximum delay reached so far.
In the white average column is telling us the average delay, so every time that particular horse is going out and in the last column, we can find consecutive delays. The same explanation applies to the finals.
You can sort these delays or frequencies or maximum delays from lowest to highest by clicking on the name of the statistic.
For those who want to save the order of the statistics by setting them from lowest to highest thanks to the Round checkbox at the top of the screen.

To sum up: the statistics will finally be read like all the other games, we remind you to set a delay value at the beginning as 20, so that when you reach it you highlight it in yellow.

tracker system

Resume: This tool allows you to control the roulette if it has balanced trends or frequencies. Thanks to this data, your chances of winning increase significantly.



In this screen you can see all the statistics of the following games: sestine, figure, ninth, odd even, red number and from 1 to 18 from 19 to 36.

As in the statistics described above, the metrics to observe are frequencies, the delay has the maximum delay, the average and the consecutive delays.
Note that the roulette tracker can be used in all casinos if we import numbers manually and in all casinos with playtech downloads if we want to import the numbers automatically.

We consider that analysis in roulette game is fundamental to be successful gamblers. Well yes roulette is a game based on 37 numbers ranging from 1 to 36 Plus with the number zero.
We believe it has a game where numbers are the main component of the game that it is inevitable not to use the analysis through software like Roulette Tracker to determine the future trends of the game itself.



See how to download, install and use our software. In the video we also show how to create virtual simulations by importing random numbers.

All our videos are in Italian or Spanish and you can see them on:


How do I install the Roulette Tracker program?

The installation is very simple, simply extract the folder of the zipped file that you will receive, it is all installed and configured automatically.

How do I activate my license?

It’s all very simple and fast once the program is installed you open it, it shows you a code that you will have to send to the email shown. Just wait a few hours and we will activate your license for you. in special cases such as Christmas New Year holidays etc., the license may be activated in a time not exceeding 24 hours.

Am I entitled to future software updates?

Yes, if you have an active license and at that moment we update the software with a more powerful version with more functions, we will send you an email with the download link to download the updated version.

Ho bisogno di assistenza!

Perfect We are always available, simply write us an email describing the type of assistance, and we will reply as soon as possible. If you have problems with the configuration or functionality of our software, we can also connect via Skype by sharing the screen.

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